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Marc Greenberg, owner of Marc Motors, was ready to build a new showroom for the Jeep and Chrysler lines in Sanford, Maine. He was looking for a contractor with specific qualities; a contractor that was local and invested in the community; well known with a good reputation; experienced in problem solving; and who could build the dealership without daily interaction…after all, Marc had a business to run.

After a few meetings between Marc and Greg Patterson, President of PATCO Commercial, a partnership was formed and PATCO Commercial started designing plans for the building. The new home for Marc Motors was the vacant lot where the Vishay-Sprague factory once stood.  Marc envisioned building with the intent of helping to revitalize Main Street. PATCO has always been invested in the economic success of Sanford and was excited to build Marc’s vision.

As intended, Marc was able to focus on running his business while PATCO managed the construction site. Planned weekly meetings and consistent communication kept Marc involved without requiring daily interruption. When asked to name one of the key strengths of PATCO Commercial, Marc answered, “The level of communication was impeccable.”

Marc Motors, Sanford, designed by Patco Commercial Construction, ME

After the project was completed, the Chrysler Jeep project won the Best of Category award in the Varco Pruden Hall of Fame Awards, an annual contest to recognize the outstanding projects built utilizing our building supply partner, Varco Pruden Buildings.  Paul Day, President of Varco Pruden Buildings, and Wyatt Philips, Varco Pruden’s District Manager, came to Maine to present the award to PATCO Commercial and Marc Greenberg.  But the story doesn’t end there.

Marc Motors VP Winner - Patco Commercial Construction, ME

The vision for Marc Motors in Sanford included building not only a new showroom for their Jeep and Chrysler lines but also a new Nissan showroom. The Nissan project was also awarded to PATCO Commercial Construction based on the success of the established working relationship. The Nissan showroom is currently under construction and scheduled to open by the end of 2019.