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When John Quirk, Executive Chairman at VIP Tires & Service, decided to relocate to a bigger location in Sanford, he knew immediately who he would choose as his design and build partner – PATCO Construction. According to John, PATCO was first recommended to him when they planned a new retail location in Windham. A civil engineer on the Windham project made the introduction, and PATCO was selected to turn the former Tim Horton’s into a new VIP location. Dennis Waters was his primary contact on the Windham project, and John recalls how easy he and the PATCO team made the entire construction process. “I admire most their willingness to represent the owner from the ground level – both in construction and project management,” he says. “Dennis and the team see things way ahead and point out concerns and areas to stay away from in order to be cost-effective and finish on time.”

The current project in Sanford involves gutting, renovating, and expanding the old Bonanza restaurant. As PATCO also successfully managed the conversion at the Windham location, John knew that PATCO’s specialized knowledge and experience was what was needed in Sanford as well. “They have the experience and judgement to guide us through all the design, permitting, and construction deadlines,” he says. “They understand our equipment and specs so well, they helped to lay out the shop in the most efficient way possible.”

John is targeting June for Sanford VIP’s grand opening. The new 9,225 square-foot space will include the original square footage of the Bonanza restaurant plus a 35’ x 115’ addition to accommodate eight garage bays. “They have our best interests in mind and offer practical solutions for any curveballs that come up along the way,” John adds. “When we were told that the pre-manufactured metal building we had planned for the addition couldn’t be delivered for 10-12 months, Dennis found a solution. He recommended we go with a stick-built design that in the end will cost us less and will be completed on time.” Another location is also in the works for Seabrook, NH, slated to open in July, and it’s no surprise that VIP is putting its trust in PATCO to handle the construction process there as well.

Employee Spotlight: Richard (Dickie) DeCato

Born in Florida, his family relocated to North Berwick, Maine when Dickie was a baby and he has been here ever since. Dickie has been working with PATCO’s Steel Crew for 4 years.  With a toddler, 12 year old son and 14 year old step son, Dickie has a busy schedule at work and at home.

What are your current hobbies or what do you like to do in your free time?

I like fishing and camping with my kids and I currently coach youth baseball and junior high football.

What toys did you play with as a child? Are you on Team Legos or Team Lincoln Logs?

I was more into outdoor stuff and sports, but I do remember playing with Lincoln Logs.

What sports did you play in high school and what is your favorite sport to watch now?

In high school I was captain of the wrestling team and I played football. My favorite sports team is the Patriots, but I like all the Boston teams.

What was your favorite subject in school?

I liked Spanish and Gym.

What is your favorite local restaurant or favorite food?

I like home-cooked meals, but I would say my favorite food is hibachi.

What do you remember about walking on to a PATCO job for the first time?

I remember that it was nice to be back doing what I like to do, which is building.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself doing the same thing, hopefully running a crew.

When Dickie isn’t at working with the Steel Crew, he spends his time coaching and with his family after work.