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When Mike Beaupre, the second generation owner of Beaupre Fuels, was looking to expand the footprint of his headquarters in Saco, he did his homework. He would see other buildings going up in the area, and would take note of the sign of the construction company for each project. “When I observe reputable companies putting up a building, I say, ‘OK, they chose PATCO. Why?’ Then, I see the finished product and they seem to do nice work. Let’s give PATCO a try.”

He connected with Jon Bell to design and build another building for the company headquarters. The plan was for a large 80×80 steel structure with a loading dock that could provide storage space for inventory and house two oil delivery trucks, a crane, a tractor, and a couple of service trucks. PATCO worked together with Mike on the design until it reflected his vision. “The key was communication. Jon heard what I was saying and understood what we were looking for,” shares Mike. There was also room in the process to add things later on, like an extra egress door and more windows on the south side of the building, without derailing the whole project, which was appreciated. “Jon was extremely pleasant and easy to work with. He was always responsive. It was nice to start with someone and still have them in the mix through the whole process until it was completed.” Always a team player, PATCO’s crew was also able to seamlessly collaborate with Beaupre Fuels’ chosen electrician and excavator vendors to make the project work.

When problems did arise during the course of the project, PATCO was able to be a part of the solution. “Everyone can have a problem. It’s what you do about it,” Mike shares. In the beginning phase, there were hiccups with the Department of Environmental Protection and the zoning of the property. Fortunately, PATCO was there every step of the way. “They were instrumental! Jon and PATCO were great at providing all the information and drawings that were needed. It was very time-consuming and they didn’t just walk away.” In the end, the city approved the project and the PATCO crew was able to get to work building the large steel structure. The new building from PATCO was just what Mike had in mind: the structure enhances the Beaupre Fuels site and business. “It coordinates with my existing office building and looks more professional. It flows very well with the scheme.”

Mike takes pride in growing the business his father started in 1947 and owes a lot of his success to his father. “He was the model I was trying to emulate.” With a community of loyal customers, the third and fourth generations of the Beaupre family contributing to the business, and a new building built by PATCO, Beaupre Fuels is set up for more future success. “This is part of my legacy.”


PATCO Employee Spotlight

Ethan Belanger, Assistant Engineer

Ethan Belanger joined PATCO in 2021 as a Commercial Estimator/Assistant Engineer after earning his degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Maine in Orono. An avid sports enthusiast, skier and traveler, Ethan is enjoying his experience at PATCO to further develop his construction skills and knowledge.

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Sanford. I went to Sanford High and graduated in 2017. Sanford is a place that I will always call home. It’s a very small community where everyone knows everyone.

What made you decide to go into engineering?

I knew it was a very competitive field to go into and would set me up for a successful future. I was in the top 25 of my high school class and I felt like I was capable of striving for a challenging and valuable degree. I was attracted to business and finance as well, but I decided that engineering the right fit me. It interests me and a lot of the things I was intrigued by growing up translated into engineering: how to things work, how to fix things, and how to improve things. In addition to earning my degree, I was lucky enough to have met my lifelong friends through the UMaine engineering program.

When did you decide you wanted to build a career in the construction industry?

I knew that I didn’t want to just sit behind a desk doing design work. I wanted to do something different every day. PATCO offered me the opportunity to do just that. I get to see various aspects of a job and get a glimpse of the whole picture. My favorite part of the job is that I get to see a project come to life and see all the hard work pay off.

What is a typical day at PATCO like for you?

Everyday is different. Some days I’m in the office, some days get to go out into the field and take a look at the construction sites. When I started in May 2021, I worked on the steel crew for the first few months. Now I have the opportunity to be a Project Manager on a job for the Bonny Eagle School. I get to go out to the site, talk to the owner, and build personal relationships with the subcontractors while making sure the project is running smoothly.

When I’m in the office, I could be working on anything from estimating, to drafting, to project management; I do a little bit of everything. It’s a really great continuation of my education.

What is the best part of your job at PATCO?

The people! PATCO has a great group of people. If you like your coworkers, it makes work better. Everyone is really accepting and open here. They made me feel at home right away and I’m really appreciative of that.