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David Machesney, President of Pratt Abbott Garment Care, has been working with PATCO Construction for nearly 20 years. The variety of projects they’ve worked on together include the construction of several buildings ranging from 10 to 50,000 square feet, one being an industrial building in Saco, as well as additions on existing Pratt Abbott buildings, and both interior and exterior renovation work on nearly all of Pratt Abbott’s twelve locations. For Machesney, working with PATCO is never a question. “They are reliable, honest, and stand behind their work. They take care of you.” When Machesney needed to do some exterior renovations on one of its Portland retail locations, he of course hired PATCO for the job.

Pratt Abbott’s Forest Avenue location was in need of a small exterior renovation, including new siding and flashing details, as well as an updated design. Maine winters had taken a toll on the siding and it was failing in several places and looked terrible. Machesney needed PATCO to refresh the look of the building so it matched the Pratt Abbott brand of being Maine’s premier dry cleaner. He appreciated how easy it was to communicate with the PATCO team and felt like they really listened to him throughout the process. The building is one of Pratt Abbott’s retail dry cleaning locations and includes a large canopy to protect customers from the weather, which is a stand-out feature. PATCO collaborated with an architect so the renovations would fit seamlessly with the unique building design. Even though this was a relatively small project, PATCO treated it like it was their own building and got the job done efficiently so Machesney didn’t feel like he was throwing money away. Despite some challenges with sourcing materials and getting the subcontractors lined up, PATCO communicated with Machesney throughout the project so he was always aware of what was happening. To top it all off, PATCO completed the work while the dry cleaning business stayed open. PATCO made every effort to minimize the impact of their activities on Pratt Abbott’s customers, an effort that Machesney appreciated. “Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. PATCO was very thoughtful and helpful to not interrupt their traffic flow.”

With the renovation complete, Machesney is pleased with the outcome. “They did a nice job and saved me a lot of hassle. The building looks great!” Of working with PATCO, Machesney shares, “In construction projects, there are always issues. PATCO treats people fairly and deals with the issues that come up. They have a good reputation and don’t cut corners. They are the whole package. I would highly recommend them to anyone, and I have…to numerous people!”


PATCO Employee Spotlight

Egor Mossalev Estimating Project Manager

Egor Mossalev, Estimating Project Manager

Originally from Russia, Egor was nine when his family moved to Maine in 2001. He arrived in New York City ten days after 9/11, which was an intensely memorable experience. Egor grew up in Westbrook and joined the Navy after high school, working as a medic. He got his start in the construction industry in Firestopping and worked his way up from field technician to estimator. He recently joined the PATCO team as an estimator. Egor and his wife live in Limerick with their two kids and dog Brutus. They are expecting their third child in late August!

What made you pursue a career in construction?

I enjoy the whole process; from a couple sheets of paper with notes to a full finished building. I’ve always loved construction and all the specific details that go into making a building. I’m a numbers guy and I like making the numbers line up for each project. Also, the people – you meet people who are very unique and there are very few places that can replicate that environment.

What is a typical day like for you?

I’m bouncing the numbers around, trying to make them line up. I’m speaking with the subcontractors and communicating and clarifying things. At PATCO, we also use software that puts the whole building together as a starting point, so I’m often working on that, too.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like spending time outdoors with my family. I like fishing. I’m also a musician – I play guitar and sing. I write my own songs and was a musician full time for a few years. Now, I play when I have time and when I have the inspiration. We have a piano in our house and I will play for the kids. They dance and shake their little egg shakers; they love it.

What is your favorite sport?

Football. It’s Pats all the way!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I plan to be progressing in my construction career, whether it’s staying with estimating or pursuing Project Management. I plan to keep growing and keep learning. The exciting thing about life is that you don’t know where you’ll be in ten years. The exciting thing about our industry is it’s not going anywhere!