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Greg Coombs, NAPA Maine District Operations Manager, has been working with PATCO Construction for nearly 15 years. From retrofitting and renovations to new construction, PATCO has been there to meet the needs of NAPA Auto Parts in Maine. The first project they worked on together was a store in Sanford. “We were renovating a car dealership and PATCO did a fantastic job,” shares Coombs. “That was the kick-start to our long-standing relationship. They know what we need and they work with us to make sure we’re happy.”

For Coombs, good business it’s all about relationships and the key to a good relationship is communication. “Greg [Patterson] will call me and let me know what’s happening in a project. We’ll have a candid conversation and he never tries to hide anything,” shares Coombs. “If I have a question, I call them and they pick up. When you have an open line of communication, there’s not a lot of problems you can’t solve,” observes Coombs.

In their most recent project together, PATCO built a new 8,500 square foot store in Bridgton. The new location includes a sales area, a double-deck mezzanine for storage, a dispatch area for wholesale deliveries, as well as offices, bathrooms and all the facilities needed to operate the store effectively. The only challenges that came up were finding the right location. “We were dragging our heels and lost some opportunities,” remembers Coombs. “Greg found us a lot in a good spot in Bridgton.” Bridgton has aesthetic requirements for new construction, and PATCO easily jumped through the necessary hoops of making sure the building had the proper roof slope and parking layout per the municipal regulations. In this project, Coombs also appreciated that PATCO can always adapt to changes he makes on the fly, such as adding electrical outlets closer to the sales counter. “We make changes mid-stream and they’re super-receptive to our whims. We’re good at what we do and PATCO works with us flawlessly.”

With the Bridgton project complete, Coombs is looking forward to working with PATCO on future projects for NAPA. “We have a potential project in Standish. We’ll work with PATCO on it and it will be another feather in their cap and ours.”