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When Craig Millett was looking to develop a project on a piece of family-owned property in Old Orchard Beach, he needed to find something that was the right fit. PATCO was a commercial general contractor he had worked with in the past to build facilities for his propane and oil business, and Millett felt confident about working with them again. “I gave PATCO an idea of what I was thinking, and they put it on paper with their recommendations,” explains Millett. In addition to helping with the design process, PATCO helped get approvals from the city. The town of Old Orchard Beach was difficult to deal with at times. There were myriad code and zoning challenges and the process took two and half years. PATCO, along with the engineering firm Sebago Technics, supported Millett throughout the protracted process. Millett’s plan was for the first self-storage facility of its size in the area so it was new for everyone which meant there were a lot of questions and a lot of “i’s” to dot and “t’s” to cross. “We got there at the end of the day,” shares Millett.

After the initial permitting hurdles, the build itself went smoothly. The timeline was stretched a few times, but everything came together as anticipated. PATCO built a multi-use self-storage facility for Millett with a 7,400 square  foot steel building for the storage units that also houses a 2,200 square foot office space for Millett to use for his rental property business. The storage facility includes both regular self-storage units and large climate-controlled storage bays for commercial contractors, as well as a paved outside storage area for boats and RVs. Since the site is close to a number of Old Orchard Beach campgrounds, Millett thought it would be helpful to give people an option to store their RVs nearby during the off-season.

Millett was pleased with the result, saying: “I’ll definitely work with PATCO again. Greg [Patterson] is a good guy. He’s helpful and honest and he gets the job done.”