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If you’ve flown on a domestic airline flight over the past decade, chances are good that your aircraft was assembled using parts from Arundel Machine Tool, a leader in precision manufacturing located in Arundel, Maine. This expanding operation produces a range of component parts for aircraft, oil and gas equipment, the National Defense industry, and the energy sector.

In this world of demanding exactness, Arundel Machine Tool’s CEO and President, Marcel Bertrand, knows and appreciates the value of quality in any product. “Cost is obviously a factor,” notes Bertrand, “but you want a quality product that will last. That’s the end goal.” When Bertrand needed a new steel building for Arundel Machine Tool in 2006, he chose a general contractor in Maine known for the highest quality and best value in steel building construction: PATCO Commercial.

PATCO Commercial’s steel crew tackled the 30,000 square foot project on time and on budget, with a quality of craftsmanship and follow-up that made an impression on Bertrand. Five years later, when his building required a 10,000 foot addition, he knew precisely who to call. “I wouldn’t have anyone else do the work,” says Bertrand, “Sometimes commercial builders cut corners or won’t make a project as pretty because they know it will be just another big metal building. PATCO’s buildings look nice, and they are always done well.”

In 2019, Arundel Machine Tool’s continued growth required yet another addition to the building. “The most significant challenge with these additions isn’t just creating the space–it’s re-creating efficient work flow within that space,” Bertrand explains. Working together, PATCO’s design team and Bertrand designed a building that would maintain and increase efficiency within a larger space. Since 2006, PATCO has re-navigated the flow and efficiency of Arundel Machine Tool three times. Bertrand approves: “It’s better every time.”

A majority of the 2019 addition will be a fully-staffed kitchen and cafeteria for the hardworking team at Arundel Machine Tool. When Bertrand asked PATCO for recommendations on kitchen designs and experts, they pointed him in the right direction. “Everyone at PATCO is very in-the-know. They are always jumping through hoops to make sure their clients’ needs are taken care of,” Bertrand says, “Their communication is excellent, their response time is phenomenal–whether you’re at the design stage, in the building process, or need some follow-up attention, they’re just a phone call away!”


Employee Spotlight: Bob Nadeau

Bob Nadeau, Foreman of PATCO’s Steel Crew, grew up in the metal fabrication world, working summers and Saturdays for his father’s welding company. After working on some contracted projects for PATCO, he joined the steel crew full time in 2000.  
Lincoln Logs or Legos? Oh Lincoln Logs for sure. I wish I still had my set. 
Favorite PATCO Project? We’ve done some buildings with really architectural staircases and railings. Anytime I get to do anything ornamental like scrollwork and show the finer skillset, I really enjoy that. 
Most rewarding aspect of being the Foreman of the crew? Building trust with my guys. They know what they’re doing, I just try and guide them. Our job is tough physically. We don’t need it to be mentally tough as well. We have fun.  
“The best feeling in our line of work is getting a call to do work for a repeat customer. To hear them say ‘we requested you! We wanted PATCO again!’ tells us that we did the very best work possible.” -Bob Nadeau