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Back in 2015, Doug Spurling’s lease was up at his fitness center and he had to move.  With limited commercial real estate options available, he contacted Greg Patterson at PATCO Commercial to explore the idea of buying land and building a new space for Spurling Fitness.  Even though Spurling ended up buying a building and not working with PATCO back then, he did not forget the kindness and generosity demonstrated by Greg and PATCO.  Cut to today, when Spurling had an opportunity to expand his business with an addition to the existing metal building that housed his successful gym in Kennebunk, he knew just who to call.

PATCO is known for their excellent reputation in constructing and renovating metal buildings.  Spurling wanted to add on 5,300 square feet to his existing 6,400 square foot metal building.  While the exterior needed to match Spurling Fitness, the interior plan was for a completely different space.  Known as the Infinity Center, Spurling’s plan was to create a community space outfitted with medical offices, creative office space, and a common community meeting area.  “PATCO guided me on the decisions to help create an interior that felt professional… not like a warehouse,” says Spurling.

At 32 years old, Spurling is a young entrepreneur and this was his first commercial construction project.  PATCO mapped out the whole process for Spurling and walked him through it in a way that was not overwhelming, but educational.  Spurling appreciated the opportunity to learn about metal roofing options and HVAC systems from Dennis Waters and the rest of the PATCO team and also found them to be great at communicating, which helped alleviate the majority of the stresses that came up.  For example, when a heating system emergency arose on a Friday night and Spurling sent an email at 10pm, he received a timely and caring response from Dennis within minutes.  “PATCO was trying to create a customer for life.  I’ll want to work with them again,” shares Spurling.

Employee Spotlight: Tony Medico

A native of Sanford, Tony has been working with PATCO’s Steel Crew for 3 years.  Married with four kids and one more on the way, Tony is used to being busy!

What do you remember about walking onto a PATCO job for the first time?

It was a clean site.  You go to other job sites and it’s disorganized and there is debris everywhere.  At PATCO, the site is organized and clean.  It helps.

 Best part of working with PATCO?

The boys! We’ve got a really great crew.  I also like the variety.  We’re in a different place every month and I get to be outside working with my hands.  It’s a good job.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself working at PATCO.  Still chipping away, still going.